Airport Service Flat Rates

Airport Service Flat Rates allow us to best serve you the Dunedin Taxi Network , and we created this taxi flat rate guide by partnering with local Taxi, and Transportation Owner/Operators. We ensure our customers are getting the best rates. Booking your trip in advance ensures the best rates. We ask for a 24 Hour advance booking, and a pickup time of 2 hours prior to your flight time, 3 hours for international flights.

Requests for Airport Service with less than 24 hr notice are subject to full meter charges and driver availability. For other areas not posted on the list below, in the Tampa Bay area, please contact us for your taxi flat rates.

All rates represented below are for one-way trips only, and discounts may apply to round trips depending upon seasonal traffic flow and time of day.


As much as we’d like to, we do not provide non-emergent, urgent, or emergency medical transportation. There is a specific service for that here in Florida. Check out or call 1-844-239-5974 for more information. If you have an emergency, call 911.

Taxi Cash Flat Rates are not valid or offered during morning/evening rush hours 5:45-7:45am and 4-6pm, heavy or holiday traffic.*** Sundays by appointment only, and booked 48 hours in advance. This is to ensure we have a driver available for your trip. All tolls are added to final trip totals. 

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These are some of the major airports we service: (Up to 4 passengers and 4 luggage, one-way only)


Airport Service Flat Rates Summer 2017

  • Dunedin to Tampa International Airport $50 excluding rush hours 
  • Palm Harbor to Tampa Airport $65 excluding rush hours
  • Bradenton/Sarasota to Tampa Airport $75 per hour North of University Pkwy plus tolls
  • Sarasota to Tampa Airport $75 per hour South of University Pkwy plus tolls
  • Orlando Airport $75 per hour traveled, 2.5 hour average traffic dependent plus tolls
  • Miami $75 per hour traveled, 5 hour average traffic dependent plus tolls
  • Tampa/Ybor City $70
  • Port of Tampa $75 cash or CC full meter, 4 people/bags, carryons welcome
  • Busch Gardens $80
  • Seminole Hard Rock Casino/ Amphitheater $80
  • Raymond James Stadium $50
  • Tropicana Field $50
  • Downtown Saint Petersburg $50
  • Downtown/South Tampa $65
  • Jacksonville $75 per hour traveled, 4.5 hour average traffic dependent plus tolls
  • Atlanta $75 per hour traveled, 8 hour average traffic dependent plus tolls